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If you are living within the boundaries of the Sequoia Healthcare District map shown, 1.3% of your property taxes are allocated to the district. This amount does not appear as a separate line on your tax bill. 

How are your tax dollars spent by the district?

The district expects to receive $14.0 million in taxes for 2021-22 from all taxpayers residing in the district. The district is comprised of 230,000 residents.

A large portion of the taxes collected are used to partner with our 8 school districts located within the boundaries of the Sequoia Healthcare District, approximately  $4.9 million annually.  Included in this total is approximately $450,000 provided to the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District.  The school grants are used for;

  • Staff (including credentialed school nurses, counselors, wellness coordinators, physical education coaches and outreach specialists) to implement the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model.

  • Providing school-based health programs in partnership with our local non-profit service providers.

  • Improve the physical fitness of nearly 10,000 elementary students in grades K to 5.

Sequoia Healthcare District values innovation and creative solutions to addressing health issues. They have demonstrated that commitment not only by financially supporting great community health projects and outstanding service providers but by also developing and managing their own signature health programs. A portion of your property taxes funds the District's programs and grants to reinvest in our local community.

Each year, Sequoia Healthcare District provides grants of $4.0 million through the Caring Community Grants Program to nonprofits who provide valuable services to the residents.  In addition, $1.3 million is granted to Samaritan House and $1.0 million to the Ravenswood Family Health Center.     

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