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Endorsements for Michael

  • Jerry Hill, former CA State Senator

  • Don Horsley, SMC Board of Supervisors

  •  Carole Groom, SMC Board of Supervisors

  • Dave Pine, SMC Board of Supervisors

  • Warren Slocum, SMC Board of Supervisors

  • Nancy Magee, SMC Superintendent of Schools

  • Anne Campbell, former SMC Superintendent of Schools

  • Jeff Gee, Redwood City Council

  • Charles Stone, Belmont City Council

  • Pam Frisella, former mayor, Foster City

  • Jon Froomin, Vice Mayor, Foster City

  • Jerry Shefren, M.D., President, Sequoia Healthcare District Board

  • Aaron Nayfack, M.D., VP, Sequoia HealthcareDistrict Board

  • Art Faro, former board member, Sequoia Healthcare District

  • Suvarna Bhopale, Trustee, Belmont-Redwood Shores School District


          Carole Groom

"Michael is a long time community leader.  Knows how to bring people together, knows how to solve difficult issues,  He's smart, has great integrity."


        Anne Campbell

"Michael Garb is the ideal candidate for the Sequoia Healthcare District Board.  He has been a vital contributor and has gained valuable experience that would be a tremendous asset to the Sequoia Healthcare District."

pam frisella.jpeg

             Pam Frisella

"I have known of Michael Garb's reputation as a great community advocate for many years.  I have now seen Michael's commitment to excellence through the work ethic and compassion he brought to the First 5 Commission."

Mindy Shelton.jpg

 Mindy Shelton

"My dad, Michael Garb, is the perfect candidate for the Sequoia Healthcare District Board.  My dad is well-known in the community as a man of integrity and passion for his community".

  • Alan Sarver, Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District

  •  John Violet, former treasurer, City of Belmont

  • Mindy Shelton, School Administrator

  • Andy Klein, former mayor, San Carlos

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