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Contribute to the Cause

Elect MICHAEL GARB for Director, Sequoia Healthcare District, Zone A on

I am running for the Sequoia Healthcare District to serve the residents of the district so that their lives are improved by the many services provided through your tax dollars.

You have already viewed my website along with my endorsements. These individuals
all know me and the values and integrity I have and what I will bring to the district. I
have proven my leadership skills and the many years of my involvement in the
community make me well qualified to be an effective representative of you, the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, running a campaign has costs attached. I am trying to keep the costs to
a minimum but having someone else on the ballot requires I get my name and message
out. I would appreciate any contribution you can make to my campaign. If you would
like to help, please make your check payable to Michael Garb for Director Sequoia
Healthcare District 2022 and mail your check to Michael Garb, 556 Cringle Drive,
Redwood City, CA 94065.

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